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  • Classic Light Set 75
  • Classic Full Set 150
  • ​classic fill 30-75
  • 2d volume Light set 85
  • 2d volume full set 170
  • ​2d volume fill 40-85
  • 3d volume Light Set 95
  • 3d volume full set 190
  • ​3d volume fill 50-95
  • 6D Ultra Volume Full Set 210
  • 6D Ultra volume fill 60-105
  • Bottom lash extensions 35
  • LIFT (includes lash tint) 75
  • lash tint 30
  • brow tint 20
  • ​lash & brow tint 40


We believe eyelash enhancements can change not only your appearance, but your entire attitude!  We stay ahead of the curve, always using the highest quality products and industry best practices.  You can rest assured that your extensions will be applied with proper precision, free of clumps and discomfort.  If you've had uncomfortable or damaging extensions in the past, please make an appointment at Alana Harper Esthetics and see what a difference our education and passion can make!